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Jedward in Celebs Sunday Mirror Magazine - Scans

Posted on December 11, 2011 at 2:45 PM

Scans are in the gallery of Jedward in the Sunday Mirror magazine 'Celebs'. Read the interview below:


Are you looking forward to Christmas boys?

John: We are always the first one to have our Christmas tree up in our neighbourhood.

Edward: It is already up, we put it up in the first weekend of November. In our house, the crib is up all year, and last year the tree was up until February.

John: We started posting Christmas pics on Twitter in October.

What is on your list to santa this year?

Edward: Loads of things like a glue gun and glue sticks.

John: We are asking for things so we can make lots of cool clothes.

Edward: We each have our own couch, and some years we ask for presents not to be wrapped as we dont like unwraping the stuff and we ask just to see it all.

John: This Christmas we have a Christmas jumper made of optics-it's like a Christmas tree jumper and it changes colours.

Edward: The best present we could get, is when John, Edward and Britney Spears dance together on the same stage- maybe 2012 is the year that is going to happen.

Did you ever star in a nativity play?

Edward: We were sheep in one play before and we had to wear costumes that were made of cotton wool. we never went to stage schools or anything. This year, we are in a pantomime and it's called Jedward and the beanstalk, but there is no Jack, so we find the beans and go crazy. It’s in Dublin Olympia. Last year’s pantomime, and it's never happened before in Irish history, sold out 24 shows.

John: Last year, we were the fairy godbrothers but this time, we are just Jack Jedward. We have these crazy outfits that we designed and got them made. They are like green sequin jackets, high shoulder pads. I know Jack is meant to be poor but we are Jedward- and a bit hollywood.

Today you are staring as angels, does that reflect your innocence?

John: I think we are always angels. we always feel good vibes and positive energy.

Edward: We actually have a halo, but it's our hair and people dont realise it's a halo.

John: We are perfect so we dont need to make a new years resolution, we might take up a habit and then…quit it.

Are you not more like little devils?

Edward: Well, we have a song called bad behaviour, but we are really innocent, aint we John?

John: I remember two christmases ago we threw a snowball at a car, and this guy got out of his car and started running after us, it was crazy.

Do you enjoy a good festive sing-song?

Edward: It's all about the Christmas no. 1 so hopefully this year it will be something good like Cliff Richard or Mariah Carey, All i want for Christmas is you, because we met her at the airport in Los Angeles. she was coming out of the girls toilet as we were coming out of the guys toilet and we went up to her as she was drinking coconut water. We talked to her about X Factor, she talked about Louis because his band Westlife did a song with her.

Edward: Justin Bieber has a christmas album out, we like all the cool songs.

John: There were carol singers that came to our house last year. any excuse to come to our door and knock on it.

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