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Jedward Twitter photo

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A new photo of Edward has just been posted on Twitter with the caption 

What are your Favourite Lyrics From Our New Single Free Spirit! Pre-Order Free Spirit Now

Graham Norton talks about Jedward Free Spirit

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Graham Norton has spoken about Jedward Free Spirit on his radio show!

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Jedward to perform at Roscommon's Join Our Boys concert

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Jedward are joining a host of other artists to perform at a concert in Roscommon in support of the Join Our Boys Trust. The concert will take place on May 1st and tickets for the event are free and will be available on Tuesday 29th April between 6pm and 8pm at the Join Our Boys Shop at Stonecourt, Roscommon Town. 

For more details please see the Join Our Boys Facebook page.

New Twitter photos

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Jedward have uploaded two new photos of themselves to Twitter!

John 25th April 2014

Jedward Free Spirit

Jedward TV - Jedward - Spinning Chair

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This is a very cool spinning Chair!


Pre order Jedward Free Spirit

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Jedward's new single Free Spirit is available for pre-order NOW! Click the link to get your copy on May 17th 

Jedward in Demi magazine

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Jedward are in Finland's Demi magazine

Review - Pop: Jedward at Olympia Theatre, Dublin

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Jedward's concert at the Olympia has been reviewed by the Irish Independent. It's half good:


Their 15 minutes of X Factor celebrity long ago turned to smoke, but there's something bizarrely admirable about Jedward's determination, in the face what are starting to look like insurmountable odds, to forge an actual music career.

Apparently their latest album has been written and produced entirely by the twins and trumpets a 'mature' new direction. It will be their umpteenth stab at reinvention: 2012's Young Love featured the duo sans troll quiffs, with a sound that might be generously described as Justin Bieber minus the devastating soul searching.


The failure of that record saw them part ways with their label, the second time they were ditched post-X Factor. They received a further kick in the gums with confirmation they would not be on the bill at One Direction's three-night Croke Park stand next month (Jedward fans had hoped the Grimes were in with a shout of a support slot).


In their darker moments, they must wonder if an eternity of Christmas panto and mobile phone commercials looms (oh wait, they don't do many ads any more, do they?)


If their plummeting profile is of concern (and it surely is) John and Edward are very good at glossing over the fact. In their first live performance for more than a year, the pair open with comeback single Free Spirit. A taster for the next album, is it surprisingly accomplished – with tuneful vocals, a giddy hook and a solid melody. The shambolic jokiness they brought to X Factor – prompting habitual eye-rolls from Simon Cowell – is no longer a calling card.


They're soon regressing to karaoke mode however, high fiving and cart-wheeling through Blink 182's All The Small Things and Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure (Vanilla Ice's quasi cover is a towering feat of good taste by comparison). A further hiccup arrives as John (or is it Edward?) rips his shirt by accident (don't ask) and stomps into the wings, leaving his sibling to fill the silence.


As pop shows go, this is a basement affair, with twinkly lights and two hoofers seemingly on loan from kids' TV (their laser-beam smiles are terrifying). Nonetheless it isn't quite the tweenie endurance test you may have feared. Somehow, John and Edward have figured out how to sing and dance (reasonably well, actually) and, on their new songs, appear to know their way around a pop tune.


It remains an open question whether they have enough of a following to keep the bandwagon going. The twins will have their answer when the record is released in the summer. You hope they are braced for the worst.

Jedward TV - Jedward - Tissue Wrap

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Tissue is Fun its not just for your nose!

Linda Martin talks about Jedward

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Former Eurovision star/mentor/panto sidekick Linda Martin has spoken to the Eurovision Times about Jedward:


ET: You’ve been working with Jedward in Eurovision, what’s it like working with them?


LM: Well you see, I love them. They appeared on XFactor, do you remember, and that was five years ago and I’ve been working with them since as Louis (Walsh) was managing them. He said, teach them, teach them what to do! So it was like a crash course in what to do when you’re on a stage. But I just adored working with them. I love the madness they bring with them. I love the innocence and I love the fun. I just think they’re two beautiful boys and I’m going to miss them this year as the pantomime has changed.